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Alinta is a sweet girl who was starving and emaciated. She loves treats and cuddles. She likes other cats and laser pointers. She wants to practice her making biscuits with you.


Annabelle is a queen in looks and behavior. Shy at first but once she trusts she loves to be in your lap and to be brushed. She does not like to be confined in any type of cage and will bang her nose up to show she is not happy. She is good with all age kitty friends and is not afraid to tell a dog to respect her space.


Azalea was born under the house of an elderly guy who had been feeding the mama to try to get her trust. Azalea likes to sit on people lap when she trusts them and also loves treats. She does get scared of sudden movements and loud noises but still but is learning the world isnt so scary.


Bacon came to rescue after owner had gotten arrested. He had not been around other cats before but immediately loved them. He can be timid until feels safe but then he is a lover. He will chirp and reach out to tap you for some attention.


Grady is a good looking boy who is a talker. He will follow you around and loves being brushed. He loves attention and treats. Grady is good with everybody he meets.


Iris ( up front) is a curious girl who loves to explore. She was born under a house and learned early in life what a lap was and all about treats. Iris is still a little cautious of new situations but it doesnt take long before she is asking for cuddles.


Jaime is a sweet girl who loves her can food and squeeze treats. She acts shy but she is just a quiet girl who loves to relax. She will play with lasers , and wand toys.


Jay is an active playful boy who is also a talker. He doesnt take long to adjust to new situations and is easy going. He likes toys that move and will even make up his own games.

Lil Bit

Lil Bit is a 16 year old girl who came to rescue after her owner passed away. Lil Bit has hyperthyroid and has to take medicine twice a day. She is very thin and eats senior wet food several times a day. Despite being an older girl she is very sweet.


2-3 years old. Great with other cats. Good with cat savy dogs who wont chase him. Good with children.


Sable is a girl who loves to be petted and snuggled. She has been in a home with pet birds and other cats. She is fine with calm non intrusive dogs.


Salem is a sweet boy who was had come in with wounds from being attacked by another animal. After a few drains, meds he is healing great. Salem is a very well mannered boy who loves to sunbathe, watch the birds and watch tv.


Sarah is a girl who loves her food which explains her chubbiness. . She will give you a look if you interrupt her food. She is a very sweet girl who loves to play with laser pointers and small toys.


Zaya is a very sweet girl who loves playing and exploring. She gets watery eyes when stressed or the pollen is high. She loves treats , toys, and playing and isnt afraid to tell you she wants them.